We are not a single identity

Spiritual transformation and consciousness shift are lifelong processes that require self-observation, acceptance, and healing of our negative aspects, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

We are not a single identity

Dearest Reader, spiritual transformation— transformation of our consciousness—takes time and everyone that will lead you to believe that is a fast and easy path that can be achieved quickly is not telling you the truth.

To master our consciousness is a lifetime process, but once we begin we shall witness results that will astonish us, as when we change in the inner, this provokes also great changes in the outer, improving greatly the quality of our daily existence.

It is never the other way around contrary to popular beliefs.

One of the reasons why consciousness takes time to shift is because it is not made of one unique aspect, meaning the single you but instead it is made of a conglomeration of many more aspects of yourself, some in the light and some still in the dark. You may believe that you are a single being because you have a single body and a single brain but in terms of consciousness, it is a very different truth. Let’s go deeper about the meaning of this as I do understand that what you just read may confuse you – as most probably this might be a very new concept for your mind to integrate.

In our society we are used to revealing only a little bit about ourselves, mainly those parts we wish to show to the world. Maybe it is our physical beauty, or our talent for something specific like painting, singing or acting, or maybe our sharp sense of humour, our uncanny ability in making money, our amazing and unique personal style and whatever it may be, there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to show others this specific side of us that just shines more effortlessly out of our being.

And yet, there are many other parts of us that we wish to keep secret, that we don’t want especially to show others because they make us feel vulnerable so it is easier to hide them or to pretend sometimes they don’t even exist. Often these different parts within us, may fight between themselves for supremacy in controlling our thoughts and feelings, pulling us in many opposite directions and ultimately affecting our consciousness on daily bases.

No, we are not schizophrenic; we are basically cohabitating with the several aspects of our own consciousness, in this case, the ones who are still in the shadow because they are holding lack of awareness, making us feeling at times triggered, uncomfortable and limited by invisible barriers.

So how does it work? Each one of these aspects holds a particular energy that may be called anger, jealousy, envy, loneliness, sadness, disempowerment, unforgiveness, deviousness, hopelessness, unfulfillment, betrayal, disrespect, arrogance, abandonment, shame and many more… when we suffer of any of those energies, as a result we may also fear many things, we may compare ourselves with others, feeling less then others, not accepted or wanted or we may feel controlled or controlling etc, etc…

These energies greatly contribute to the blockages patterns and conditionings in our consciousness, as all is related and intertwined with each other in a complicated spider web of negative thoughts and feelings that often blind us to the truth.

In the previous article you read about the many conditionings that we may have inherited from both others and our society, while these big energies within us are different in nature as they were already sown in the fabric of our consciousness even before we came back to Earth in this present incarnation.

For example- lets say that the big negative energy inside of you is anger. What is that trigger your aspect to be so angry? What are your thoughts, or the spoken words or action of another that instantly push you towards reacting with such anger? Our aspects hold memories; our consciousness holds cellular memory related to our aspects. The anger that hit you so powerfully may have been sited in your consciousness for a long while and will always rise within you whenever there is a reminder connected to that specific memory.

Or again, you may suffer of jealousy since you were really young but you don’t know why…you only know that you have a jealous nature but you have no awareness of where this jealousy is coming from originally as in your mind, you are just jealous and you can’t control it as this particular form of energy takes you over as soon as a person or situation triggers you, causing you regular suffering…

But if you care to begin to observe yourself for a while without criticism, you may be able to pinpoint what it is in this present life that re-activate these painful memories and creates the explosion of your anger or jealousy and in time you will be able to redirect yourself to let go of your old ways, because let’s face it, either anger or jealousy aren’t improving your quality of life, but instead they are just feeding you with more fears, frustrations and anxieties that will keep growing, nourishing daily your various aspects with your own dose of negativity.

So once again, we have to learn to revert our attention in the inside in order to understand the mechanisms within our own consciousness.

And life will keep bring us back regularly many more lessons about this same subject till we will acknowledge them, understanding the true reason of why we have been given these lessons and what needs to change inside of us in order to dissolve our old patterns.
Once we begin to recognise the lower aspects of ourselves, the ones that trigger us the most and to accept them without self-judgement; we can heal them and in doing so we can have more access to our higher consciousness/wisdom.
To recognise our aspects we simply need to become the Loving Observer of ourselves, of the way we think, speak and act on a daily basis, being honest and humble in accepting both how we are and simultaneously what truly needs shifting in our consciousness.

It is essential to remember that blaming and judging others is a waste of our own energy that can instead be put to very good use towards the constant improvement of ourselves through the growths of our conscious awareness, of our Love&Light….

To start to be our Loving Observer in every day of our life, paying attention to our behaviour will truly start to exercise our conscious awareness. And maybe it is time to make another list in which you can record which ones are the main unsolved aspects of your consciousness, these negative energies that takes you over and how they trigger you and what needs to evolve the most to make you peaceful and balanced once again.

I am leaving you with some food for thoughts and until next week I am sending you all my Love&Light…


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