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Our biggest treasure is the heart

The heart, both physically and spiritually, plays a vital role in our consciousness and spiritual evolution. An open heart, free from barriers and judgments, is key to experiencing a complete spiritual awakening and living a fulfilling life. Negative experiences can lead to heart closure, but by understanding the mechanisms behind it and taking responsibility, we can reverse the process and return to a state of love and unity, leaving a legacy of love and peace for future generations.

We are not a single identity

Spiritual transformation and consciousness shift are lifelong processes that require self-observation, acceptance, and healing of our negative aspects, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Taking ownership of our responsibilities

Dearest Readers, today I’m writing about using our consciousness with more awareness and more focus, helping us to have a better understanding on how we can function with much more clarity and integrity in our daily life.

Sonora Xamânica

Meditações, segredos e descobertas sobre quem você realmente é

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Meditações, segredos e descobertas sobre quem você realmente é